pacific clams with shiitake mushrooms

Friday, October 17, 2014

how long has it been since i last share a recipe here, it's been way too long! the dish i'm sharing today is a special one though, but before that - did i ever mention ken is an excellent cook? i'm a lucky girl, he's doing a good job at making me fat haha. here's a recipe of what he whipped up for lunch yesterday, it is rather special because pacific clams are commonly served during chinese new year but we happen to have a can of it left, tucked away in the kitchen cabinet for months. it was reserved for good cooking days, of course :)

this makes for 3-4 servings.

ingredients, preparations:-
a can of pacific clams (we use Fortune's)
two handfuls of dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked overnight
a stalk of young ginger, about 2-3cm, sliced thinly
oyster sauce
some water
vegetable oil

squeeze out water from the soaked mushrooms, using your hands.
soak mushrooms again in a new bowl of water for a few minutes and drain it afterwards.
(there is no need to squeeze the mushrooms again.)
heat wok with cooking oil, add in ginger, fry til fragrant.
add in the mushroom and stir-fry it for 2-3 minutes. add a teaspoon of oyster sauce.
next, simply add in content of the can of pacific clams (clams and its broth)
stir-fry well with high flame, until the clams turns a little orange/reddish
taste accordingly, add a little more oyster sauce if needed.
serve, with white rice :)

note: use low-medium flame for frying, except after you have added in the clams.
you can also add broccolis to the recipe.

is it november yet?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

i've been needing a getaway.

in fact, it's probably way overdue and for the past few years of my working life, the only holidays i have always look forward to was christmas. which i now think, i can do better than just that.

i am the kind of girl who's really, really bad at planning her vacations and i've always find myself left with twenty days of annual vacation to clear by end of each year. sometimes, i lose them all when the new year comes. so it seems this year, surprise surprise, i have nineteen days left. that would be the whole month of december being off work if i want to, or i can go somewhere on my birthday week, next month! i'll still have at least ten days reserved for december ..

now, i'm thinking it's not a wise way to spend my twenties, or the rest of my life - stuck at my cubicle, in and out of the office like clockwork. it's probably not a big deal but i'm starting to want more with my life now that i know i can plan better, and i'm earning enough to not worry much. independence gives me comfort. it always has.

also, i have a pretty smart, buff boyfriend who i'm sure can throw a nice punch here and there if he needs to.
i need a bodyguard on these said travels, you know, just in case. haha

note: the fact that he will be with me on these said travels, is really what makes it more worthwhile.

vacation time.
the last good vacation was TWO years ago, march 2012. the time when i get to ride the sea waves, snorkelling among the fishes and island-hopping in krabi, thailand. i miss the baby elephants and i miss dipping into the emerald pool. (i will blog about the trip very soon, i promise!)

the plan is, this year onwards, i'll go to a place i've never been before.
at least once a year.
but for a vacation. not for work, not for any other reason.
good enough yes?

so --- we're off to penang island next month! (if you're malaysian, it is pretty crazy for you to have never been there, i mean, really, i've never been there! and i have been on this part of malaysia for almost five years now) p.s there's the beach, and it's a food haven. a fusion of the east and west, penang is a go-to island for an experience of its old world charm and heritage.

it's going to be a short one but it will be worth it.
seven days off work, three days to be spent in the island.
we'll rest at home for the remaining days.

it's not that far away but it's a good start.
it's not in another country but it really is good enough.

i'm a sucker for big adventures, despite always being restless looking for the little ones in my days.
so the excitement is driving me crazy, just like the sensation i have for days before every other vacation i've had. particularly, the nights before the flights. i've skipped my sleeps just to get to the airport. hours in advance.
so yes, i cannot wait.

is it november yet?

p.s hotel is booked. yessssss.

taking stock, 02

Monday, October 13, 2014


drinking : 'teh tarik' ('pulled' tea)
reading : the elephant vanishes, haruki murakami. surreal short stories.
wanting : a berry-coloured lipstick. like this one.
wishing : it's raining out there. like it did last night.
waiting : for bedtime, it's been a long day!
wondering : what will happen if i quit my job and become a florist.
hoping : for an epiphany.
smelling : black coffee all over the pantry area. uh. temptation. i need to cutoff caffeine.
wearing : a white lace top and an aztec-print skirt. sandals with pink straps. i know, a tad weird.
noticing : biscuits crumbs all over the carpet around my desk this morning. who did it?!!
thinking : i should get home soon.
obsessing : over a woman in science's feed.
opening : my drawer, scouring through my peanut butter stash. do not tell anyone.
giggling : nope, no giggles. oh wait. read this. i died. on so many levels.

this post was drafted in the office, during my lunch break!
have a great monday xx

anatomy of a tattoo

Sunday, October 12, 2014

sunday. in bed, dress full of birds. i might have a strange obsession with birds, as you can probably see. i have one on my right arm, a flying swallow. to me, it's of freedom and hope, my very first tattoo to remind me of my free spirit. the placement, odd as it is, is because of my grandmother. i grew up admiring her tattoo-covered arms and i remember wishing that i was old enough to get my own, on my arm. now that might got you curious (grandma with tattoos??) - i posted about it before, here.

i've also read that back in the days, swallow tattoos are common among sailors, alongside other nautical symbols. these birds are the first to be seen when land is near, these birds flew alongside their vessels, giving them hope of coming home, safely. 

happy weekend x

wearing: cotton on strappy dress, similar here.

press play : do you like you?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

three years ago, i spent four days in a resort in pangkor island. when the morning comes, i made my way to the beach where the breakfast was served - a galore of food on the buffet tables, fresh fruits and overflowing juices. i loved waking up early to just catch the sunrise on the beach before breakfast, when i could. 

on the forth morning, i came across this bird on the beach. it is such a beautiful creature, and it just passes me by without any fear or hesitation (probably gotten used to tourists in the area). for me though, it was such a mind-blowing experience, i mean, how often do you wake up to a peacock on the beach?? it just kept going, gracefully, and i watched it for a longg time, just in awe. one day i'll find my way back there - lets hope it will cross my path again and maybe show me more of that majestic tail covert feathers, that time around.