october in squares

Friday, October 31, 2014

it feels like it was just yesterday that i did a round-up for september, time flies, or rather, it just swooshed past me. these are some of my daily snaps, posted via my instagram throughout october, and it was a good month for sure! exciting, especially for the part where Ken and i planned our upcoming trip, also i have gotten my leaves approved, yay! counting days, *happy dance*

here's the thing, i have been babbling about headaches for the past month or so, because of my poor vision problem and i desperately need a pair of glasses and guess what, i think i have gotten used to it haha. i started practicing yoga this month and so i'm learning to slow down a little, just taking it all in and hold my ground. we tend to rush through our daily lives without pausing and taking a breather and even have our own personal space - that said, i am starting to embrace yoga and oh, it's just headache, breathe. just pause. you might think this is just about the mindset, yes you're right and for someone like me who rushes through her days, multitasking and restless just to stay sane - it makes such huge a difference! i am feeling energized and healthier by the day too, so there's that. still need the glasses though, it will surely help with my long hours at work. i got distracted with lots of other priorities, so that can wait, i suppose!

other highlights? fresh carnations from the market, eating healthy, and i brought my poor little bathroom plant back to life! i'm still smiling ear-to-ear for that one.

some posts i have loved reading throughout october <3
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it's Halloween and it's not widely celebrated over here in Asia, but there sure are some costume parties going on around town but i'm staying home tonight, maybe catch a horror movie! happy Halloween!

here's to november and all the goodness it brings x

daniel, and memories of a distant past

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

just recently, Daniel turned two. my sister told me he's getting naughtier by the day, rebelling at mealtimes and even tried to harass a cat once. his smile is infectious and he loves making friends. i have three other nephews, just as bright as he is and given the fact that i don't get to see them often, i take absolute pleasure in photographing them whenever i'm back in my hometown. here's Daniel wearing a grey crochet sweater-like top i bought him as a Christmas gift, last year. the sizing was off, obviously, but it fits him perfectly by now :)

i took these photos on the beach in Miri, a place that holds so much of my childhood memories. family barbecues on sundays, school camping trips, taking family portraits (posing on statues of zebras and giraffes with my sisters in ridiculous dresses that my mum loved to make us wear haha). i used to have cleopatra-like hair back in the days, and my elder sister had this crazy curly hair, styled by my aunt who used to own a hair salon. so much has changed, but i always feel like shedding a tear or two whenever i'm back on this beach, and i always leave with a heavy, heavy heart.

"try to live with the same intensity as a child. he doesn't ask for explanations; he dives into each day as if it were a new adventure and, at night, sleeps tired and happy."  Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light

going places : tiger cave temple, krabi

Saturday, October 25, 2014

under the blazing hot sun, we braved ourselves out of the hotel to visit this breathtaking place in Krabi. i was in Thailand for only four days and this day was a memorable one, these photos doesn't actually do this place any justice. 

after we were dropped off by the cab driver, we walked in through the main entrance and we were welcomed by statues of tigers. further ahead, stood a majestic temple with hundreds of people praying and paying their respects. 

just a few minutes later, i was startled by the sound of firecrackers. there was a celebration going on and locals were swarming the area so we continued our journey to the staircases that will lead us to the hiking trail. i was not dressed for hiking, obviously, not prepared for anything like it but there i was, and i did it anyway, because there might not be a 'next time'! so up we go, there were two options, one was to climb up 1237 staircases that lead to the main temple on top of the mountain, and another was a hike up to another side of the mountain, through the jungle that will eventually lead us to the main temple too.

we took the one less traveled. we decided that a climb up 1237 staircases under the heat is rather dangerous and a heat stroke is the last thing we want in a foreign country with strangers all around! it was around 42°C on this particular afternoon (i checked!). 

the hike took us about thirty minutes, up some stairs and through the jungle before we arrived at a cave area with several praying altars all around it. my friend paid her respects (she is a Buddhist) and i took a few minutes to explore the area. it was not as humid as it was earlier, surrounded by trees and caves it was a little chilly. i was rather mesmerized by the drawings and paintings on the cave walls. these were probably done by the monks who sometimes stay and meditate in the jungle for months, but i couldn't find anything to prove my theory. although, the drawings look a little ancient too.

we continued our hike for another fifteen minutes when we noticed that it was too quiet and the trail ahead of us was coming to an end. it was such a disappointment, we had to go back to where we started and it was too late then to climb up the stairs because we only have two hours to explore the area before we head back to the hotel. so we spent the last few minutes to explore the foot of the mountain (where the first temple is), there were plenty to see too.

 i recommend this place if you ever find yourself in Krabi, but an early morning visit would be perfect - you don't want to be caught up in the heat climbing up the stairs!