falling behind


some little details from my past week.

i remember recycled air in a train carriage, noticing that i forced myself to not breathe as much. never needed as much fresh oxygen til it's running out, it seems. different shades of orange, bright night lights. 8.55pm on a saturday night, making my way home from work. i had sweet and sour pork for dinner, most delicious i've had in a while.

a man carrying two heavy vases of plants and fresh soil walking around the mall, vases as big and heavy as big pails of water. as he waited for his wife to satisfy her want, need, love for shopping, maybe for another hour. it made me a little sad.

brisk-walking. red checkered apron. coconut-cream flavored peanuts.
dark living room. raindrops on the window sill.
upping my lounge-pants game. stripes and little white flowers. comfy as they can be.

 i may be 'falling behind' with my posts, but i'm posting when i can, i always will ;)

and hey, it's almost February.

the emerald pool


these were from those days when my Blackberry was my pride of a camera. apologies for the quality of the images, my glowing hand and awkward pose. but i thought i'd share these, before they disappear again into my photo archives.

the Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) is a beautiful, large natural pool in Krabi, filled with pure spring water. i remember standing in awe (that i've forgotten to take proper pictures of the area) the moment i got there but i guess that's what good times are made of, engulfed and lost in the moment. i swam with my mum and two friends that i went with, we spent a few hours floating in relaxation and content. it's out in the wilderness, expect a little hiking first but it's all worth it - an early morning visit was perfect for me, when the water is cooler, without the swarms of tourists and locals in the area. 

fly high.


i like a little noise, and grains.
birds, and bird clouds.
i'll never tire of the sky.

but who ever loved ordinary?


"do you know, this morning i was on a train that went through a city that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you. 
i bought a ticket from a man who would likely be dead if it wasn't for you. 
i read up, on my work, a whole field of scientific inquiry that only exists because of you. 
now, if you wish you could have been normal... i can promise you i do not. 
the world is an infinitely better place precisely because you weren't."  
― Joan Clarke, The Imitation Game

mrs. doubtfire
the patriot
engineering an empire
the big bang theory
the imitation game
the greed of man (HK, 1992)
- just a list, of series and movies i've really enjoyed recently.

and a picture of me taken by Ken at the balcony, after work today. with crazy hair, of course.

i called my dad in the morning and wished him a happy birthday. he is the most hardworking man i know, and he is no ordinary.
i also said, "dad, 52 is the new 30! and you've got 4 grandkids, how cool is that?!". yeah, pretty sure he felt older than he is when i mention that...because, grandpa. i still can't believe i'm an aunt either, sometimes. hehe