a photo an hour, 01

Monday, September 1, 2014

is it just me, or august really is gone like a breeze? it was a happy month for sure, i remember dreading july and the months before but i also remember noticing that it was half a year, already! today, it felt awkward to just look at the calendar and flipping over to september entry. i hope time will slow down a little, but who am i kidding ...

i have been thinking of a photo-an-hour post for quite some time now so here goes.
but first, car-selfie, anyone? at the back seat is a glimpse of a parcel i mailed to my little brother.

sunday, august 31, 2014 (happy independence day, malaysia!)
the day started a little earlier but it was all about waking up, shower and such.

10am : brunch at a local indian restaurant. i had my favourite 'roti telur', and ken had his 'tosai'. what i had was sort of like an egg-pastry pancake and --- honestly, i have no idea what they are in english so we'll leave it at that haha.

11am : shopping for groceries at 'jaya grocer'. the highlight of this trip would be the mangoes. not pictured, my hands were full.

12noon : back in the apartment. laundry time.

1pm : it's a really sunny day and all i wanted was a chilled beer, and so i had one. ken did not want any, he was a little too happy gulping his pint of coke.

2pm : finally, cleaned the bathroom thoroughly and then re-arranging my books and make-up desk. 
also finding some time to continue on my current read; murakami's sputnik sweetheart.

3pm : ken got tired of hoarding songs on the internet and so he joined me in bed, lazing around - i took advantage of taking a few quick snaps of us. then we started to mind our own business again, him with his laptop, and me with mine. 

two hours later..

6pm : dinner at the taipei house. i was supposed to cook but i got lazy --and yes, another steamboat. 
i think i am addicted to steamboat, if there's such a thing.

7pm : still at the taipei house, chatting over deafening chirps from a nearby tree. by deafening, i mean there were probably hundreds of birds, the sound was unbearable at one point that we decided to finally leave.

there were no picture taken at night, we were basically just binge-watching a korean series (it was hilarious) and i fall asleep soundly, after a few episodes.

and that was it! glamorous, yes? :p

this actually reminds me of a diary entry - yes, guilty, i did have diaries back in the days and there was a point that i documented by hours! when i saw them again in the recent years when i went back to my parent's place -- i wondered if i should burn them on my dad's barbecue pit, because, time is gone and it won't be back again (also, the thoughts of a 12 year old sharon who might or might have not 'fall in love' with a boy who send her 'love' letters secretly in between classes might be a little too provoking for the current her, who was she kidding). but about the burning, no, i did not do it, yet.

here's hoping my mum did not find them and sneakily read any. fingers crossed.

now, i feel like starting a scrapbook. well that would be fun, everything is much better with pictures! 

happy september, make it count x

photo diary : bone and pot

Friday, August 29, 2014

have you had a steamboat (or hotpot) for dinner? it's the best, especially for rainy days.

three years

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

if i could describe myself in a way, it would be that i have never been content with being content. 
but sometimes in life i tripped my way out of stability and then it's all i want. 

being content. 

places, things, relationships, every little detail bothers me, i need constant change. 
i always want something to be done differently or i want to at least have a reason to change the way i look at it. 

that's how i get inspired, i get excited over little adventures or something out of the normal order. 

changing the furniture arrangement in my bedroom every five months makes me happy, before i decided to change them again. 

never buying the same perfume or lip balm twice.

always finding a reason to change the shampoo i use after the current bottle's depleted. 

let's not go to the less simple ones. 

if there is one person that knows how hard it is to hold me down, or keep me calm, it's ken. 
he does it best without doing anything at times, and i am grateful for that. he keep me calm and content, when i need to be. 
just one of the many simple reason why i love him.

three years ago today, we met!

i remember the smile on his face, the white shirt that he wore, and the way i woke up smiling the next day, just thinking about a stranger that i know nothing of but his name. the next time we met, he got lost on his way to my place to pick me up (all thanks to my bad giving-direction skill), we then had a miserable first date. he said i was taller than he thought i was. 
i remember wearing a black top with short jeans. 

so much has happened since, but maybe, i will not change a thing. if there is one thing i appreciate the most, is that we grew a lot over the past years and there is so much to look forward to from here on. 
i am happy to have met him, to have life, and to feel love. to be content. 

thank you for the best three years ever, crazy as it is. 
happy anniversary b <3

butterfly pea flowers

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

let's talk about sweet, sweet things. 
here's some 'nyonya kuih', a type of snacks or desserts popular in south east asia. 

 i love it for afternoon teas. it certainly brings back happy childhood memories.

these double layered, fragrant kuih are my favorites. one of it is layered with bright yellow custard paired with blue-tinged glutinous rice, the natural blue color is extracted from butterfly pea flowers. while the other has a heavenly pandan aroma. scroll further down for some onde onde, tiny green flour balls covered with freshly grated coconut and filled with 'gula Melaka' (coconut palm sugar) syrup. they're really sweet, the best kind of sweet.

in a nutshell, ken and i love all of these bite-sized goodness. we stumbled upon a place that sells them last week, there were probably more than ten kinds and we went on a spree. did i mention he spotted them first? it is hard to find authentic, delicious ones and he could tell just from the smell (or one glance). so we bought some for afternoon snacks but we got too full that we have to skip dinner afterwards. it was a rather sweet day <3

if you're not from asia, do you have anything similar in your country? a few years back, i have a colleague from netherlands who told me they have these too, because of their colonial link to indonesia. not easy to find though, i wish i could share some. 
come over for tea? :)

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