brussels' chicken and what's of late

Thursday, November 27, 2014

this past week has been a paiiin because, i miss the beach and the wanderlust in me is screaming to get out of here. out of the big, busy, buzzing city. so i thought i'll sneak in a different post before i continue with my photo diaries, in case i'm boring you to death already with all my Penang posts! there are more to share and i can't wait. but i'll share my evening with Ken at Brussels Beer Cafe first instead, because it takes my mind off vacation. for now.

i did not enjoy the mussels much this time around, if you recall, i really had a blast on our last visit to Brussels. this time we ordered a pot of mussels cooked with onion, chili flakes, garlic, spices and flamed with Pernod. it didn't turn out how i expected it to be, there was a lack of spice, or chili flakes cos it was rather bland - or maybe it's just because i prefer the ones cooked with sundried tomatoes, it gives a citrus-y flavor to the mussels and i loved that (and the bacon was gooood). well, not this time, bummer.

BUT. what Ken had was awesome. this chicken roulade with mushrooms and onions, served with sautéed asparagus, Belgian stoemp and rosemary reduction. i had a mouthful and almost devoured the whole plate, but..i had my mussels to finish up. oh p.s the french fries are yummy, i'm not much of a fries eater but i made an exception for this one.

have you tried roulade? i'm on a lookout for more! x

oh the paintings in the old town

Monday, November 24, 2014


certain old walls on the streets of Georgetown started to gain a new lease of life back in 2012, when a young Lithuanian artist started painting murals of children all across the old town. Ernest Zacharevic kickstart his portfolio with the well-known 'kids on a bicycle' on the Armenian Street, among other few, before local artists started to join in the effort. since then, these street arts has became a popular tourist attraction. i was so keen to explore the area, of course. the day before we set off, the boyfriend studied the maps quite diligently just to make sure we got to the right place ;)

on our second day in Penang, we woke up around 5am (seriously!), had our breakfast at the hotel and took an early bus to the city. the bus driver kindly dropped us off near the old town, i must say the bus drivers in Penang are really helpful, probably gotten used to tourists asking for directions and such. what follows was hours on foot, just wandering the streets and also hunting for good food in the area (Penang is also a food haven!). the street arts are pretty impressive and at times i can only look from a distance, because there was always a crowd of people waiting for their chance to have their photo taken in front of the paintings. we got really, really tired (cue last picture) by noon and head back to the hotel after lunch, but yes, it was a really fun, good sort of day. 

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batu ferringhi beach, day one

Saturday, November 22, 2014

moments captured, each planted into memories that i will remember always. upon arrival and after a little rest, Ken and i looked forward to exploring the Ferringhi beach area. it is just a few steps out of the hotel's beach wing - you can see the hotel in the picture of him walking back after our stroll (second last). by the beach, it's so easy to get lost in time, forget making plans of what to do next. we spent so much time watching boats go by, people parasailing and swimming. to be away from the buzzing city was the best decision we've made for this much needed getaway. this, the beach, the wild salty air, is our element <3